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A tomato. A brick. A chicken.

July 22, 2010

Maybe you’ve felt gypped lately. I can’t really blame you. I’ve been a bit stingy with the recipes. I wish I could find a quicker way to get these posts up. Each one just takes so much time–and I love doing it– but I can’t seem to find the time to post as much as [...]

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Sweet corn, chilies and burrata over fettucini

July 5, 2010
Corn, chilies and burrata over fettucini

I felt pretty darn lucky this week My friend Daniel, a talented graphic designer (he designed the local lemons logo) and photographer, had the opportunity to photograph Alice Waters last week. Alice Waters! I know I mention her often, but my cooking really wouldn’t be the same without her influence. I adore all her recipes, [...]

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The Thing About Chorizo

May 7, 2010
Chorizo recipe

The thing about chorizo is, when it’s good, it’s big, smoky, spicy, eyes-to-the-back-of-your-head good. When it’s bad, it’s crusty, greasy, day-old 7-Eleven hot dog bad. Uck. There are lots of things that fit this category – shrimp, pizza, tomatoes, burgers, fish and chips, mixed drinks – the kind of stuff you can’t stop eating when [...]

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Asparagus Pesto

March 28, 2010
Asparagus Pesto

It has come to my attention that many of you do not visit Local Lemons in search of an easy weeknight meal. Is it because I make things like this 5-hour lamb bolognese? Or maybe because my homemade chicken nuggets take over 2 hours? Okay. You have a point. Today, I’m making a change. I’m [...]

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Artichoke and Orange Galette for Jamie Oliver

March 18, 2010
Artichoke and Orange Galette

Dear Jamie Oliver, If you were to come over for dinner, I’d bake you an artichoke and orange galette. I may also cook this for you. Or this, or maybe this. But we’d start with a buttery, rich galette stuffed with the season’s finest flavors – artichoke, citrus, green garlic and walnuts. It’s rich and [...]

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All day Cassoulet

January 18, 2010
Cassoulet recipe

A rich, hearty stew of pork, beans and duck. Eat cassoulet on cold winter days to warm your soul, or make it for a feast to share with friends.

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Fast Food Slow: Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza

December 21, 2009
Stuffed Crust Pizza

A slow recipe for fast pizza: Stuff your crust with homemade mozzarella cheese and top with fresh tomato sauce.

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Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tatin

August 17, 2009
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Recipe for tomato tarte tatin: Organic grape tomatoes, salty olives and caramelized onions resting in a butter puff pastry crust.

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