Eggs and Cheese
Tomatoes, eggs and sweet habaneros
The best grilled cheese sandwich

Deconstructed asparagus frittata

Potato pancakes with sausage, leeks and poached eggs
Fresh figs for breakfast
Pancetta, pecorino and pesto frittata
Quail eggs with smashed potatoes and arugula
Farmers’ market scrambled eggs
Tortilla omelet
How to make fresh mozzarella like Giuseppe
Leftover grilled cheese
Grilled puttanesca pizza with heirloom tomatoes

Pasta and Gnocchi
Sweet corn, chilies and burrata over fettucini
Asparagus pesto
Homemade meyer lemon and chili papperdelle
Lasagna with braised duck and roasted carrots

Garden vegetable ravioli in tomato brodo
Baked whole wheat orecciette with broccoli, asparagus & peas
Asparagus and sage lasagna
Thyme-buttered gnocchi with fava beans, walnuts and prosciutto
Spicy cauliflower and why I love pine nuts
Pasta salad with toasted chickpeas, oven-roasted tomatoes and pecorino
Fresh fettucini with rocket pesto and long beans
Spaghetti d’Arvier

Breads and Pizzas
Homemade buttermilk biscuits with smoky sweet butter
Fast Food Slow: stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

Brown rice with fresh chestnuts and sesame seeds
Alejandro’s guacamole with rice
Ancho-corn tortillas
Homemade focaccia bread with figs and goat camembert
Crostini with roasted garlic creme fraiche, fava beans and mushroom oil
Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tartin

Soups and Salads
Bold Summer soup with tomatoes, corn and peppers
Bottarga bread salad with caper vinaigrette

Creamy polenta soup with chickpea croutons

Roasted sweet potato soup with fried sage
Homemade tomato soup
Roasted asparagus salad with white beans and arugula
Traditional ajiaco soup
Spring cannellini soup with romano croutons
Mixed potato salad with green beans and capers
Pasta salad with toasted chickpeas, oven-roasted tomatoes and pecorino

Bacon, egg and smoked trout sandwich
Fast food slow: filet-o-fish sandwich
California paella
Prawns, pancetta and spring onions
Avocado toast with smoked salmon
Halibut diablo with ancho-corn tortillas

Garlicky broiled fava beans

Artichoke and orange galette
Duck fat roasted Brussels sprouts with almonds, pecans and cranberries

Canning tomato sauce
Pan-roasted cauliflower with sun-dried tomato pesto and wild rice
Stuffed artichokes with whole roasted potatoes
Spicy cauliflower and why I love pine nuts
Spicy broccolini and caper aioli

How to cook with wild mushrooms
Pimientos de padron and life decisions

Fast food slow: homemade chicken nuggets
Lasagna with braised duck and roasted carrots

Traditional ajiaco soup
A slight tweak on Marcella Hazan’s roasted chicken with 2 lemons
Leftover grilled cheese

Beef, Lamb, Pork
Chorizo and snap peas with cilantro-lime olive oil
All day cassoulet

Fast food slow: big mac. make your own, have a party

Lamb shank bolognese

Buffalo burger with roasted yucca

Salted Blueberry milkshake
Peach crumble
Limoncello thumbprint cookies
Frozen hot chocolate

Local limoncello
Oatmeal maple cookies filled with cranberry creme
Sticky, salty, sweet granola
Peanut butter pie
Walnut date bread with brown butter
Italian hazelnut cookies

Grandma’s toasted pecan butter cookies
Citrus nut bars
Chocolate cherry pie

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